About Us

Pride & Glory Clothing Co. is a brand built by Legends for Legends. It represents all that we strive for each and everyday. LG 63 is an authentic collection of shirts honoring the greatest Left Guard in Packer and NFL history, Fred "Fuzzy" Thurston. After so many years of you, the fans, supporting and loving Fuzzy I decided it is time to give back. This is for you! The Greatest Fans in the World! 

This collection offers a few different t-shirts for the Fuzzy fan, as well as the Packer fan. It was my dream to put something together that represented my grandfather both on and off the field. A little something for the fans to wear and show their love for the Legendary Packer. 

My grandfather was a fan's fan. Each and every one of you are the reason he smiled every day. And for that I am forever grateful! This is my way of giving back...


Hope you enjoy!

Go Pack Go!